Car Club Parades

You can also have a look at the parade of car clubs if you decide to visit the Hungaroring Classic. The different clubs are given the opportunity to test the asphalt of the Hungarian Formula 1 race track in between the official races. This program is not only fun for the drivers, but it is also a fantastic experience for the spectators, to watch when for example a hundred old timer cars pass ahead of them at the same time.


Club car events, more than 400 exhibited cars

A great collection of fantastic cars with outstanding cultural value from all corners of Europe: Ford, Jaguar, Alpine, Citroën, TVR, Triumph, Peugeot, Volkswagen, MG, Datsun, Aston Martin, BMW, Lotus, Ferrari, Morgan and many more! We are celebrating the golden era of car racing with independent collectors!


Rock'n Roll

Pedrofon Rock’n Roll band will set and enhance the mood.


Food Trucks

Many culinary delights are awaiting at 6 venues for the hungry ones. From special taste hamburgers through Mexican food to a variety of sweet and savory flavors. But those who only want to sip a pleasant coffee while admiring the combat of the racing cars can also find their account here.


Car beauty contest with the cooperation of the Hungarian Automobile Club

It is worthy for any old timer owner to prettify their vehicle, because we are organizing a car beauty contest this year again. Winners will be announced in seven different categories on Sunday. Not only the professional jury’s, but the votes of the visitors count as well, especially, because it has a stake: the winner of the eighth category is announced on the basis of the visitor’s votes.


Games for kids

Dodgem, small railroad, chain-carousel and many other games are available for the kids at Hungaroring Classic. It is also a great family event, as it is guaranteed that everyone can find entertainment there from the youngest to the elderly.


Roving vehicle (electric dicycle).

It is a unique device, already appeared in the first World War and was named Kugel-tank – certainly, it was an armored version, but had a similar operational method.
Primarily, it attracts youngsters, between the ages of 16 and 20, but based on our previous experiences the machine is ageless. Small children can try it with their parents, the twenty-some year olds in pair, while it can also be interesting for the elderly visitors. Its exciting operation provides an unforgettable experience. Maximum speed is 5 km / h.


Motorized doughnut

It is self-developed vehicle, especially designed for children, very similar to hovercraft vehicles, with a maximum load capacity of 60 kg and a speed of 5 km / h.
Its function is similar to a dodgem, it can turn around in its place, it can be driven with a small arm, and it is no big deal if two of these vehicles bump into each other - in fact, it only increases the enjoyment.